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Purchasing an iPad ... at my wit’s end ...

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Purchasing an iPad ... at my wit’s end ...

Seriously, I have never worked so hard to give my money to company. Here's the deal:


Last November, I responded to an email from Xfinity that offered an iPad 9.7 (sixth generation) for $5 per month for 24 months "in appreciation for (my) being a good customer." Okay, a somewhat decent deal, so I tried to sign up. Without getting into the weeds, it took me more than a month until I could actually close this deal and then another three months before I actually had the device in my hands.


Flash forward to about six weeks ago when my wife proudly handed me a second generation Apple Pencil to replace my original Pencil that met an untimely demise this summer. But, of course, she did not realize that the second gen Pencils ONLY work with iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9, and I can't exchange what she purchased because -- you guesed it -- she had my name engraved on it.


So, I decide to bite the bullet and purchase one of the Pros so I can use her gift. Xfinity has the 11-inch version on its site, but you must visit an Xfinity store to actually purchase it. Sigh. I drove 30 miles to my closest store only to find that they don't have either in stock, haven't had either in stock basically since Xfinity started carrying the tablets, and don't expect to receive new shipments -- ever. Okay, so how can I find out which of the other four stores in my area has one? YOU CAN'T! Xfinity stores have NO WAY of contacting one another and are unable to see any store's inventory but their own. And the online folks can't help either.


So, I just spent my Saturday driving a roundtrip total of nearly 200 miles to all of the local Xfinity stores and not a one of them had ANY iPad's in stock -- not the Pros that I need, not the 9.7, not the mini, etc. NOTHING.


But I did learn one thing: The iPad that has cost me $60 so far and will cost me another $60 -- IS BEING GIVEN AWAY FREE IN THE STORES! You have got to be kidding me. I could easily sell the I have for $60 to recoup my loss and sign up for the free one. But are you really going to make me go to all that trouble, Xfinity? (Probably.)


Xfinity -- Seriously, I wany to purchase one of the Pro iPads. I want to GIVE you my money. WHY is this so difficult? There has GOT to be a way to track one down. HELP!!!