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Possible to merge 2 accounts or transfer one phone to the other account?

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Possible to merge 2 accounts or transfer one phone to the other account?

I bought a phone for Xfinity mobile and a month later bought 2 more phones. When I bought the other 2 phones, the person at the store accidentally set up a 2nd account instead of adding them to my existing account.


I'd like to consolidate these phones into one account. Especially with the upcoming changes to the By the Gig pricing. I've tried getting this resolved before but with no luck. If the accounts can't be merged, can the phones be released and transferred over or something?


It's really frustrating that I'm getting charged for two separate shared data pools that should be only one shared data pool and it's going to get worse with the changes in February.

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Re: Possible to merge 2 accounts or transfer one phone to the other account?

Hello DaveL7,


Thank you for taking the time to post on the Xfinity Forum and for bringing this to our attention.  Know that we are here to help, and it’ll be my pleasure to provide further direction on this matter.


The quick and simple answer to your question is yes, but the process is not that straight forward.  Please be advised that there are eligibility requirements that need to be satisfied for the transfer request to be considered.  Below you’ll find some of the requirements needed for a transfer to take place;


1.The Account that will house the transferred numbers needs to have lines available in order to transfer the device/s in question.  If there are not enough lines available on the account to bring over the devices, we will not be able to do the transfer.


2.Only active lines beyond the Buyer’s Remorse Period qualify.  Buyer’s Remorse period are the initial 14 days after the device purchase.


3.Neither Xfinity Mobile (XM) accounts can have a past due balance.


4.Device/s in question must be paid off.  Devices on active payment plans cannot transfer.


5.The device being transferred will be added to the new account as a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phone.  If the device in question is not BYOD compatible, we will not be able to conduct the transfer.  Please use the following link to confirm compatibility;


6.The device/s in question will no longer be eligible for the Xfinity Mobile Protection Plan (XMPP).


7.Tablets are not supported for account transfer at this time.


8.Customer must request security pin number prior to starting the transfer process.  The following link will provide details on how to obtain the security pin number;


If the account/s and device/s in question meet these requirements, reach out to me through private message.  You can contact me privately by clicking on my name ComcastChrisL, which will take you to my profile page.  From there, you’ll see a blue ‘send message’ button.


In your private message please include the following information for both accounts; first and last name/s, the full service addresses, the mobile numbers in question, device types and IMEI’s, and the last 4 digits of the stored payment methods on file.


Upon authenticating the accounts, I will do further research and reach back out to you.  Thanks again for your time, patience, and support.



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Re: Possible to merge 2 accounts or transfer one phone to the other account?



Could the OP and/or ComcastChrisL (or other rep) state if the transfer was successful? Was additional information needed? I am also interested in merging two Xfinity Mobile accounts.


Thank you.