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PRL Version

I live just outside of Indianapolis. Since signing up with XM in May 2020, I only get one and maybe two bars of signal. I spoke to support Friday, August 7th and they ran some sort of test on my SIM that came back as invalid/SIM not supported so they issued me a new SIM that should be here tomorrow.

I am just curious as to what your iPhone/Android PRL shows? Mine is 15683. When I talked to them, they said they have never heard of PRL. I explained what this was and they just had no idea what I was saying.

So, is there anyone else who would be willing to tell me what your PRL is?
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Re: PRL Version

PRL = Preferred Roaming List


Basically it tells the phone to try connecting to a Verizon tower/antenna, then if not available try a Roaming or Shared partner's tower/antenna, and so on. 


My old iPhone 7 was 15683

My new iPhone SE 2020 is 15695