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My text message are not working

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My text message are not working

Hello all. I'm hoping someone can help me. I just switched to Xfinity mobile a week ago and I cant recieve texts. I've called Xfinity and I'm just going in circles. I want to fix a resolution before I just switch services altogether. I appreciate any help. Thx
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Re: My text message are not working

I presume that you can send text messages without a problem?

If you were using an advanced messaging platform such as iMessage (Apple), RCS (Android), or Verizon Messenger+ (Verizon), and are not logged into the same advanced messaging platform on XM, then you need to login to the same platform. If you now have a different device that cannot use your previous platform, then you need to remove yourself from the old platform by logging into the old platform from a browser or another device. 

To deregister from iMessage:


To deregister from RCS:


Your contacts that were on the same platform as you were on will not be able to send you texts until you either remove yourself from that platform or login to that platform from your new device.