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Iphone 11 - Porting from GVOICE to Xfinity

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Iphone 11 - Porting from GVOICE to Xfinity



I received my iphone 11 from xfinity on 9/20, the porting from google vocie number is still showing activation in progress under my xfinity account.


I got my gvoice number unlocked approved prior to activation by paying $3 fees already. I contacted xfinity rep they asked to wait 24 hours but still the phone is not activated. i did several reset but still no luck.


I can see network bars on right side with 3g , i can see xfinity Mobile on left side but still when making calls it says welcome to verizon. I am not sure how many days the porting takes to complete.


Any help by contributors or xfinity tech ppl be helpful.