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I'm not me???

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I'm not me???

My fiancee and I have been Xfinity mobile customers for 3 years and have purchased and paid for 3 phones in full. I recently added a new line for my daughter and bought a new S20+. A month later I added another line for my fiancee, this time a new S20+ Ultra. Well, a week ago I accidentally dropped my paid for S9+ in a river so I added another line and got myself an S20+ and paid $49.99 for it. Received order confirmation. One day later Xfinity mobile verification called me and said because so much online fraud is occurring she needed to ask me some questions. I verified my address, credit card, name, dob and ssn. I then was told 4 random questions from credit bureaus would be asked. There was only one question I recognized, so I answered none of the above to 3 of them and was told I failed, my order was cancelled and I would get my money back. Still haven't gotten my money back and still have no phone. How can it be that I ordered and paid for a total of 5 phones all shipped to the same address, all to me, and have paid the bill - yet I'm not me??? AT&T is coming out to customer's homes to set up and deliver phones and yet Xfinity mobile was not there for a loyal customer. I have 3 children, am a nurse, and have no phone. Does that sound right to you?

Re: I'm not me???

I understand how frustrating it can be to fail those security as because I get asked about my dad's wife's family which I know nothing the so I have failed those too but with financial institutions. But we need to understand why these companies do this which you record as the rep said with so much fraud. Comcast and other companies who ask these questions are not in charge of them, these come directly from public records. Have you tried contacting the credit bureaus?