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Horrible experience, cannot be worse

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Horrible experience, cannot be worse

I have been a faithful xfinity customer for 5 years, but recently I realized I was so wrong.


I don't know how can xfinity be so indifferent to their customers, don't know why the business is still survive.


To unlock my fully-paid phone, I have come to xfinity store for 4 time. Last time, one agent had no idea but created a case for me and promised the case would be resolved in 2 business days, and I will get email for status as well. 


3 days passed, no email!

I tried to contact two times, the agent promised me 24 hours.

24 hours passed, nothing happen.



I chatted with an agent today, he told me that my case not even assigned!!!

"Tier 2 agent is telling me that the unlock request is still not assigned to an agent, unfortunately there is no timeframe fro resolution since cases for unlocked are worked case by case, I'm sorry this has taken longer than expected. Tier 2 agent just mentioned that you should keep an eye out on your email since instructions should be there any moment"