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Early upgrade issues

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Early upgrade issues

So im more than over 50% of paying off my phone. 

Ive NEVER missed or been late paying an xfinity mobile bill nor my comcast internet bill and ive been a loyal customer for over a year.

Put over $2.3k into xfinity/comcast and i cant get what i was told.

Im 100% eligible for an early upgrade so i go into stores JUST for them to tell me i cant upgrade.

1. The xfinity agent had me to call xfinity (Whyam  i calling xfintiy in the xfinity store???)

2. The agent was really careless and lazy.

Long story short, i was told they was getting an error in the system and that they was going to refresh everything and if i go to a different store everything should be fine and that i wouldnt have any issues.

So i drive another 30 minutes to a different store just for them to tell me theyre all out of iphone 11s (Why dont any of the xfinity mobile stores have actual phone numbers???)

I ended up driving BACK to the first store, this time a different agent is taking care of me...

The same error popped up... with no explainantion from the store agent or the agent on the phone...

so i said i dont want the early upgrade anymore.. just give me the iphone11 on a new line and they told me it wouldnt allowed them. And for the third time i walked out a xfintiy mobile store without a phone......

I was told my "case" supposedly is going to be solved by Thurday (48 to 72 hours)

I am going to lose my marbles if i cant get my phone after looking forward to upgrading for a whole two months. It just unfair how the workers dont know anything, how im completely eligible for the early upgrade and i cant get it. 



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Re: Early upgrade issues

I had the same issue a couple of months ago. And The associates there acted the same way. I even did a survey and complained on them and received a call from the manager asking me to come back to the store and they would take care of me for sure. So of course I went back only to be given the error message and the guy helping me didn’t know what do and when he asked others they said they didn’t know what to do and the only person that could help wasn’t there. So I ended up leaving. Once the iPhone 11 came out, I just ordered it online and added a new line. I just picked it up from the FedEx office today.