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Device return

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Device return

I purched 3 devices on January 15. I decided that I wanted to cancel the order and was told that it was passed 30 minutes so I couldn't cancel the order. I was told that I would have to wait to receive the devices, then return them to the Comcast center where I purchesed them. After doing exactly what I was instructed to do, a representative at the Comcast center instructed me to take the devices to an Xfinity retail store. They tried to setup a cancellation for me. After receiving the order cancellation from Xfinity, I tried to print the prepaid labels as instucted to do so. That was on January 22 and finally January 27. I ended up buyin two new devices, and the store shipped the 3 orginal devices back to the Xfinity warehouse. The devices were received on Monday, February 1st. I spoke with an Xfinity agent who aknoleded the the devices were received, but my debit card still has not been credited and the devices are still showing on my account. This is extremley disrespectful and very poor customer service. I need to have this resovled immediatley. 

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Re: Device return

It can take up to 14 to 30 days for your refund to be Process  once the phone been graded that is when you get your refund