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Complaint about new unlock phone policy

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Complaint about new unlock phone policy

Hi folks, 

Does anyone know any email I can send the complaints to? I was told I can send to by the associate I talked over the phone but this email doens't seem work. 

I want to share a bad experience with the community in the meantime. 

I recently switched to Xfinity mobile and I was very excited to use this wide coverage network. However, when I purchased iPhone 11 pro max through Xfinity mobile, I was told I can unlock the phone after 30 days if I paid the phone in full. So I did pay off and wait for 30 days and also paid my monthly fees. Then, I submitted my request first time and was told to wait for 48hrs before trying SIM card from different carrier. Then I did but it didn’t work. Then I stopped by the store and he helped me again and I waited for another 48hrs and still didn’t work. I stopped by again and I was told there is no option for him to unlock so he assumed  it should be unlocked so he suggested to contace customer support number to find out. Then, I did and after about 1.5 hr talk with first associate and her supervisor and I was told new policy was implemented on Oct 28 and with this new policy requires 50 days after activating the phone meaning not the time you purchased but the time you activate the phone. However when I decided to switch to Xfinity mobile, I was told that you can unlock the phone after 30 days on September 28.
Even now, the support page on Xfinity website doesn’t update it to reflect the new policy as screen shot Attached. 
1. Past information on the field support. The staff I talked to at least 4 or 5 people, only one is aware of this new policy. Even on your website which has been more than 10 days didn’t have correct info about new policy.
2. There is no mitigation plan for those customers who was under old policy. That’s a very big problem in terms of customer satisfactory. I purchased the phone on Sep 28 and by the time the policy was not implemented but I am also surprised that if this new policy will be implemented, how come field agent didn’t know. Having it said, this is not a pleasant customer experience and I think comcast as a company should focus on how to train the front line staff to provide the correct information to avoid this. 





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Re: Complaint about new unlock phone policy

+ 1 victim here

It is unbelievable how ridiculous and frustrating it is. And why?..