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Cant add a fifth line... 16 hours on customer support. No real answers.

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Cant add a fifth line... 16 hours on customer support. No real answers.

Here is what went down. I purchased an apple watch because I asked my xfinity store if would work (2 seperate times) and they confirmed YES!
Then after 10 hours of trying to figure out why it was connecting, support realized I needed to ad 5th line to take the place of the apple watch.

I have strong credit. However, time I call, whether online or via chat and phone I get a message about my credit report not being good enough to pass and add an apple watch. Somthing I spent 400 bucks on because they told me it wold work!


I have above a 750 ,  and have give a ton of money to xfinity and comcast. I even delt with a week of no internet service, where my home buisness lost hundreds of bucks, and kept with tem.

I tried asking for managers/ supervisors tears 1,2 and 3. 18 hours of calls and work for a simple answer. "it just isnt letting us... nobody has control over the system." All this to deny me paying 10 bucks a month on a darn watch that keeps the same number as my phone. I am so sad by this


Who do I talk to to get this solved? Are there any actual people who can help, or do the robots make all these choices.

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Re: Cant add a fifth line... 16 hours on customer support. No real answers.

Hello eyeiaye,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and my sincerest apology for the inconvenience you have encountered. When you get an opportunity, click on my name ComcastChrisL. You will be re-directed to my profile page and there you will see a blue button on the right-hand side of the screen. You will be able to contact me through private message this way.

In your private message, make sure to include the first and last name of the account holder, the account number, and the last 4 digits of the stored payment method on file. Once I authenticate your account, I’ll investigate the matter further. Thanks again for your time and patience.

I am an Official Comcast Employee.
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