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wanted to know if the Xfinity mobile is CDMA or GSM? 

I know xfinity uses verizon network but as per this new verizon is no longer provisioning new lines for CDMA so just wondering


I have one plus 7 and wanted to know will this work on XM or not.



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Re: CDMA or GSM?

Hello JustAG03,


Thank you for your contribution and for highlighting the article!  Gladly I’ll provide more information.


As of now, Xfinity Mobile (XM) has not released any official correspondence relating to this matter.  Judging from the article itself, it sounds like Verizon is preemptively taking actions to reduce and eventually remove order devices/technology from the network.


The article indicates that by 1/1/2021, support for CDMA devices “may receive limited support and customers are encouraged to upgrade to newer technology”.  Of the impacted devices that the article mentions, none are compatible with XM to begin with.


As it pertains to your One Plus 7, currently, it is not an officially supported device via our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program.  Yet, chances are that if you already have XM service, the device will function properly if you were to do a SIM swap.  Per policy we don’t recommend an unsolicited SIM swap due to not being able to guarantee the service.


I will continue to monitor and follow up on this thread with any new information related to the topic.  Hope this helps!


Thanks again,



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