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Activate my old phone

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Activate my old phone

I purchased an LG XPower from Xfinity Mobile. I used the phone for two years with xfinity mobile and then upgraded to an iPhone. I wanted to reactivate the phone with xfinity mobile and get a new number for my husband. Support is telling me that my xfinity mobile phone, purchased from xfinity mobile, used for two years with xfinity mobile cannot be reactivated because once it is inactive, it no longer works on the network. Garbage. Can someone please help?

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Re: Activate my old phone

It can be done, I have done exactly that. Mine was an LG Xcharge that XM no longer sold so the store gave me a sim and new number and  called customer service who activated it as a cheap LG that they still sold. on my account it shows up as the new phone and not the Xcharge but who cares.