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5 free lines are not free

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5 free lines are not free

When I signed up I was told I got 5 free phone lines with basic internet service. I was supposed to be paying $15 for the phone but now the bill is $116 (plus $50 for basic internet). What happened to the free phone lines and why are mobile and internet two entirely separate bills (one listed as Comcast and one as Xfinity)? Can you please fix this for me. Thank you.


Re: 5 free lines are not free 

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Re: 5 free lines are not free

Correct, the 5 phone lines are not free and there are two separate bills.   The cell service is a couple dollars tax per phone plus minimum $12 for 1G of data across all the smarty-phones:  a bit under $20/month.     We have three.  Stopping the phones from using cellular data is fun for an Extreme Data Hoarder like me.   Here are the basics: 1:1 text SMS does not use cellular-data but can only send the 155-character text, no multimedia.    Group texts always require SMS but you can set your phone to send & receive textual group-MMS as 1:1 SMS.    The "no group messages" setting will reduce cellular data usage since the group messages become 1:1 SMS - but it can be confusing.   Android SMS and MMS can work semi-reliably over wifi using the software equivalent of a Rube Goldberg Machine.    Recently xfinity mobile has added RCS messaging for recent Android phones - it has much stuff equivalent to iMessage including functioning over wifi-only, but does not interoperate with iPhones.     iPhone is way more reliable than the morass of android versions and apps.   iPhone cannot send MMS over wifi but it can send group multimedia iMessages over wifi.       Regarding your home internet bill, the cost-bloat can probably be eliminated by returning all rented equipment (get/save receipts!) and opt for the free HD-DTAs you get by selecting limited-basic-TV if you have TV too.   Then buy your own modem & wifi/hub/router - setup is fairly easy and you will save major $.    Best wishes and may the wind be at your data packets' backs.  

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Re: 5 free lines are not free


Hi @teaamongroses 


Thank you for your questions, I have provided some answers below:


Per the Xfinity Mobile Product policy: Up to five lines per account with no phone lines or activation access fees for Xfinity Internet customers.  You will, however, be responsible for monthly data fees, monthly device payments and any taxes associated with the service.


Xfinity Mobile is a paperless billing system (i.e. autodrafted by credit card/debit card) at a set time each month.  Comcast (Xfinity) has a separate billing for any video, digital voice, home internet and home security.

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