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$250 Off Device

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$250 Off Device

I have spent 10-12+ hours trying to deal with this. I had to spend over 7 hours just to get my phone activated. I took over 2 weeks because the employees didn’t know what they were doing. I was promised by multiple associates 5 or more, that I was eligible for this promotion. I was told to wait two weeks and to call if it wasn’t applied to my account in that time. I called and they tell me I’m not eligible any more?? How do you run a company on lying to people? I went into the store as well and they said they would file and order to see if they could get it out on there. They said they would call me in 3 days. It has been over a week and half with no return phone call! This is unacceptable!
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Re: $250 Off Device

I know how you feel.  I was robbed of my rebate for my S9+ because of incompetent CS reps.  They directed me to do serveral things in order to get my phone activated and it robbed me of the rebate.