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Xfinity Flex main menu question

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Xfinity Flex main menu question



Just got my Xfinity Flex box setup and have a quick question.

Is there a way to pin an app so it's showing in the main menu without the need to go into the "all apps" section?






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Re: Xfinity Flex main menu question

Sorry, no, there’s no customization

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Re: Xfinity Flex main menu question

I hope they add the ability to move apps/channels around. I have a Roku and I'm able to move all of my heavily used apps to the top. Also helps for families with children so the kids won't have to scroll through all of the more grown up content to get to the kids shows.


Currently, there's a lot of button pushing to browse for content. I know we can use the voice function, but that's if you already know what you want, not if you're just browsing for things to watch.


Also, the voice function. When I'm in Youtube and want to search within Youtube, I can't use the voice because it'll search in Flex content, and not in Youtube. Would be nice if Flex is smart enough to know that we are already in a search screen within an app and want to use voice to type, instead of button pushing.