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xFi Pods for xFi Advantage customer

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xFi Pods for xFi Advantage customer

@ComcastHana, I see that you've responded to others about xFi pods also.

I tried to use devices across much of our house during the first 14 days of service, since I was aware that that was an assessment period. The WiFi connection in our basement office was indeed so-so at best, and I was rather certain the the assessment would show this as a dead spot. With college-age children back now in the house and needing to continue their studies virtually, this dead spot is having direct consequences. I looked back through e-mail and various account applications, and didn't find any mention of an opportunity to acquire pods at no cost, per the xFi Advantage offer.

Could you advise, perhaps escalating the issue as needed to help get us to solution?

Thanks much,

Old Chuck