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XiFi Pods

So I have connected my XiFi Pods in an attempt to create a mesh network and eliminate dead zones in my house. My house has a basement, main level, and upstairs. Our router is on the main level, we have a pod in the upstairs hallway, outside on our back patio and downstairs in the basement. We had no issues getting them connected, everything seemed successful. However, it doesnt seemed to have solved my deadzone issues. I have noticed that devices much closer to the pods still say they are connected to the gateway. Only a few devices ever connect to the pods even when they are closer. We have several devices that never move, and for whatever reason even though the pods are closer and give a stronger signal, they always connect to the gateway. On several occasions my phone has connected to the pod and my signal strength appears stronger but then while I am still using it, it seems to disconnect from the pod and once again connects to the gateway which is further away and the signal is not as strong (as indicated by my wifi indicator). I am not sure why I have these pods if devices won't connect to them.

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Re: XiFi Pods

It is up to the client (Phone,tablet,laptop) to pick wich Access Point it connects to. So even if you are closer to one pod if the device seems to think the main gateway is faster (which usally it is) it will connect to it. If you move furter away from the gateway it will most likely connect to the pod. The pods/gateway will try to "steer" the client to the best AP, but still the client chooses. Also the pods take a few days/weeks to optimize the channels which could help the devices connect to it better in the futrure.