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Re: 5Ghz network lost with Pods, need help!

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Re: 5Ghz network lost with Pods, need help!

I am having the same issue since I installed  the pods.   I had two SSID's before and after installing It must have combined them to the 2.4 SSID name so all I see is the 2.4 name.  Your comments of going to devices to verify the type of connection does not work for me.  There is nothing in there that tells me if the device is using 2.4 or 5g.  It shows I'm connected to the 2.4 SSID but everything in my house is now connected to that SSID. Even iphones and devices that support 5g.


Also, after adding the Pods is the main unit (Modem) no longer a wireless radio.  I ask this because I have a wireless device right next to my modem and it is connecting to a pod accross the house now where it should be connected to the Modem.


How can I find out if my devices are using 5g?

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Re: 5Ghz network lost with Pods, need help!

The pods are supposed to assign the correct band to each device (sometimes called steering).

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