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Installing an Xfi Pod... run around with now answers. HELP

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Installing an Xfi Pod... run around with now answers. HELP

Tl;dr... I am unable to use the app to add an Xfi pod to my servcice... after a frusterating experience reaching a live person, I spoke with two reps on the phone, who in turn sent two techs to my house, who in turn said someone should call me. Days later, no call back, I am left with no answers.

I received an Xfi pod to expand service in my house. Following the limited instructions, I attepmted to use the Xfinity app on my phone to install the pod. On my app, there is no option to install a pod.

I finally was able to talk to a live rep on the phone after going in circles in the chat option of the app. It took awhile to have the level 1 tech understand the problem... they kept trying to sell me a pod, I was escalated to a level 2 tech who ran several diagnostics and was unable to fix the issue.

The level 2 tech had me delete the app, and reload it and install the app on a different phone to no avail. According he level 2 tech, my modem/router needed to be replaced (I've had Xfinity service for 2 months). She scheduled a technician to come to my house the following day.

2 techs arrived, only to tell me they cannot replace the modem/router nor do they service Xfi pods. To their credit, they did try to troubleshoot the problem with me. One techinician had the app on their phone, and it had the option to install a pod. I logged into the app on their phone, and under my account there was no option to add a pod. They said someone should call me back to fix the issue.

Days later, I am left with no answer, no call back, and no ticket/reference number.

I attempted to use the live chat option to get a status. According the chat rep, no issues are recorded on my account and she wanted to schedule a tech to come to my house.

What are my options?