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Devices keep pausing on its own

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Devices keep pausing on its own

For the last few MONTHS, I’ve had multiple devices in my network have trouble with intermittent connection, saying they’re ‘paused’ when I open a browser or my streaming jams.

When I refer to my xFi, none of my devices show pause nor do I manually pause any of my devices; they all typically show online.

I’ve contacted Comcast Customer Support multiple times regarding this issue, to which the modem is reset or hard reset multiple times, devices are unpaused, and all possibly iterations of refreshing my connection to work... only for it to disconnect again hours later.

I’ve even upgraded my network speed twice and replaced and upgraded my modem yet it still randomly has my devices “pause” or disconnect at the worst times. The xfinitywifi serves a better purpose than my own connections, but is not a secured line. Why do I pay so much for a service that isn’t reliable?

I’m now working from home in light of recent events and this issue has been the most frustrating to deal with. It can take between 15mins to an hour+ of my time to attempt to reconnect. Not to mention the time it takes to connect with a customer service agent to receive assistance.

Can I have the option to unpause my devices or fix this error in real time?

I’ve seen multiple other users have the same issue. I’m sure we would all greatly appreciate this being addressed.

Thank you.
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Re: Devices keep pausing on its own

Hello!  I'm very sorry to hear that you are frustrated.  In answer to your question, yes, with the Xfinity xFi app, you have access to pause and unpause all of your devices, plus a whole lot more.  Please download that and let us know if you need help.  Thank you!

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