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ANSWERED: How to get Netflix on your Xfinity X1 TV box?



Many are aware of the announcement made earlier this year about the Netflix Beta Program for our X1 platform. We are happy to announce that the Beta has ended and we are officially releasing the feature into our full production environment. Thank you for all of the feedback that you have provided so far and would love to continue hearing more from you.


We’re using this article to bring prior questions about this subject together and we’ll continue to update as more information is available.


Here are some questions and answers:  



How can I access the Netflix app? 


  • There are two options for accessing Netflix content on X1:
    • Netflix is integrated into the browse menus and search functionality of X1. You can even use the voice remote to find and choose the program you want to watch. Once the program is found, just make sure you select the watch with Netflix option under the ways to watch.
    • The other way to access Netflix is press the Xfinity button, select apps, scroll down to the entertainment section and you should be able to see and open Netflix. 


How can I tell if my X1 Box is compatible with Netflix?


  • After you follow the steps above to launch the app you will be prompted with an offer to exchange your X1 TV Box for one that is compatible.


How can I swap my X1 box for one that is compatible? 


  • You will just need to follow the prompts after the step above in order to start the exchange process. Here is a screen shot in how it will look like.



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