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Why can’t I watch impractical Jokers season 7 on the stream app?

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Why can’t I watch impractical Jokers season 7 on the stream app?

Im not understanding what’s going on. I’ve had cable TV for a long time and have been able to watch Impractical Jokers on On Demand for a while now on my tv at home. My sister told me I could download the Xfinity stream app and watch on demand on there too.

So, just 4 days ago, I downloaded the app for the first time. I was happy that while out of my house I could watch my favorite show (impractical jokers) through the app on my phone. I was catching up on season 7 (the most recent season) and got through probably 4-5 episodes. Some of the episodes I watched while I was at work, and some of the episodes I watched on my phone while at home connected to WiFi, when I was cooking and stuff.

All of a sudden, yesterday, I tried to finish the episode that I left off of the day before, and it said that I needed to be connected to my in home WiFi to watch. It said it for every episode. WTH? I had watched the first part of the episode while using data.

And now, I’m at home and I go to watch it, while connected to WiFi, and it says subscription 12013 required to watch. Why have they all of a sudden blocked me from watching it?

I’ve watched it this whole week with no issues until yesterday.