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Returned from trip, getting “in-home wifi” error message

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Returned from trip, getting “in-home wifi” error message

Just returned from a trip and today when I tried to watch a recording on the DVR I got a message that says “In-progress recordings are only available on your in-home WiFi”


Down below that it says “out of home network” and it shows my in-home network name.


I checked and I am connected to my in-home network. 


I rebooted the iPad. I went to Apple Maps app and set my location to my home. Quit the Xfinity app. Restarted Xfinity app. Tried again. Same result.

 Can’t find anywhere in the app to set location.


Need some help


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Re: Returned from trip, getting “in-home wifi” error message

Did you happen to use a VPN while on vacation and forget to turn it off?  VPN (virtual private network) will make it appear that you are not on your home network even if you are.  You can also try resetting your internet gateway by using the Xfinity Assistant (will only work with an Xfinity leased Internet gateway):


If your Internet Gateway recently got assigned a new IP address, which happens from time-to-time, it can take a little while for that info to propogate through the various systems Comcast uses to know which IP is your home IP.  The Stream app will check each time the network changes on your device so you can often just switch to cellular, open Stream, then switch back and re-open Stream to have it fetch the latest location status.


The app doesn't use your physical location (GPS of your phone) for this aspect (only for access to certain broadcast networks where rights are tied to physical location/market but not necessarily in-home for the TV Go version).

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Re: Returned from trip, getting “in-home wifi” error message

Didn’t use a VPN while away.

Not sure what it means to “reset the Internet gateway.” I clicked on your link and it brought up a chatbot so I guess I could ask it to do that, but how do I know that won’t just mess up other settings?

I opened up the Stream app on my phone after switching to cellular and then restarted back on my wifi network. I’ll see if that helps with my phone.

But my original post was about using an iPad and I don’t have cell access with that device, only wifi. 

Any other ideas to try?


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Re: Returned from trip, getting “in-home wifi” error message

Spent time with an agent (a human one) and he sent various reset signals. I deleted the Stream app. I restarted the ipad. I reinstalled the Stream app. 

I just tested it and still get the error message that I can’t watch a recording while the dvr is recording because I’m not at home. 


I am at home. 


I am on my home wifi network.


this has always worked before.