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Unlink an account that I was a user on

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Unlink an account that I was a user on

I've called and chatted Xfinity support several times about this, hoping I get a different answer or solution here.

  • I was a user on a famiy member's Xfinity account
  • I bought the house, opened a new Xfinity account for my TV, internet, and phone
  • The family member's account that I was a user on is now cancelled, but it is somehow attached to my new account
  • Now, when I try to access different services, like Xfinity Mobile, I'm told that I'm not the primary account holder - which I am
  • I want, and should have, absolutely nothing to do with my family's previous account, and nobody seems to be able to help me remove it.

Does anyone have a solution? It's really frustrating!

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Re: Unlink an account that I was a user on

Sounds like both accounts are associated with the same address, correct?  Is there a balance still owed on the old account?  Have you/can you contact the primary account holder of the old account?  Is your login profile a new one and not the old one used on the old account?

Joe V
(not a Comcast employee, just another paying customer)
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Re: Unlink an account that I was a user on

You'll need to log into the original account and remove yourself from it. There will be a full solution at the very latest by the end of Q1 to unlink yourself.


In the meantime, use the following link to set the default globally to the current account:


Thanks for your patience on the matter!

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