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Top Troubleshooting Scenarios - START HERE BEFORE POSTING

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Top Troubleshooting Scenarios - START HERE BEFORE POSTING

Hi all - the purpose of this thread is to list the top issues I've observed over the last few months and the resolutions, if you are posting without starting here, we will ask that you start here

  • If you have a specific issue, create a new post instead of adding a "me too" reply. 
  • The forum is mostly manned by volunteers including Experts and Employees (like myself). If you need real-time support, please chat or call us.




  • What's my Xfinity ID?
    • Your Xfinity ID is either your email, mobile phone number, or username. Your username is the front part of your If your email isn't the right one, try your mobile number.
  • What's my password? 
    • This is why we'd like you to have a mobile phone number or third party email on your identity, so you'll always have a recovery method. If you don't have those, you'll need to either know your secret question or be on your in-home WiFi network. 
  • What's the quickest way to get to what I need in My Account?




I signed up for services and am seeing  "We're getting your account set up. Check back soon to track and activate your services."

Someone should call you within 2-3 business days to confirm your billing information has been entered. You can also chat or call in and have them confirm the order. Ensure you're signed in to the identity tied to the correct account first by going to and if you are potentially on the wrong account, go to to create and link your identity to the new one.

I can't sign in on an Xfinity App, it errors out

  1. If you're having issues signing in with your app, the sign-in page is tied to your phone's default browser. Clear the cache on your phone's default browser, (typically Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android)


I can't sign in on the website, it errors out

The best thing to do in this situation is to isolate where the issue may be occuring:

  1. It could be your browser cache - try opening the same page in Private/Incognito mode, or on a different browser (e.g. firefox). If it works in any of those situations, clear your cache
    1. Mobile phone:
      1. Instructions for Apple
      2. Instructions for Android
    2. Desktop browser:
  2. It could be something else on your computer (try it on your mobile device to confirm it works elsewhere)
    1.  Antivirus/Firewall - Do you have an antivirus or firewall preventing the site from loading?
    2. Browser Plugins - Do you have any browser plugins that may be blocking the page from loading?
    3.  VPN - Do you currently have a VPN running in the background? Does turning off the VPN successfully log you in? Not sure if a VPN would block access, sometimes VPN sevices have their own firewall rules that interfere so it's a good one to rule out.
  3.  Device/Network
    1. Does the same issue persist when you go to ?
    2. Does going on cellular make a difference?
    3. Trying to rule out anything due to being on the home network.

I tried signing in on my in-home WiFi and recieved the message, "This site can’t be reached took too long to respond"

Powercycle (unplug and plug back in) your gateway/modem/router. If that doesn't work, download the Xfinity App, restart your gateway/modem/router.


I signed in but it shows the wrong identity / account (e.g. an old service address)

  1. You can always go to to look up your Xfinity ID (use the social security number option if the mobile doesn't bring up the right account).
  2. You may have an account from a home you've lived in in the past that has an identity with an email or mobile is tied to it. That's the error you may see if you try to add an email or mobile that already exists. The workaround for now is to invite as a new user (see next issue below)
  3. You may also have only provided us a mobile phone number for your latest account and even if you provided your email, you may not have verified it (or couldn't). So try signing in with your mobile phone number.
  4. You may have intentionally been set as a secondary user by your primary, who should be the account holder (the financially responsible person on the account). If they are mismatched (e.g. James signed up for the account and is the account holder, but Julie is the primary), you can Transfer Administrative Rights to another user by following the directions here:
  5. You may be linked to an old account and are signing in and only seeing that. Simply go to this article to show you how to switch between accounts. 

I am unable to log in to the Xfinity mobile app because it says I am not the primary user. 

Make sure you're signed into the right account where you are the Primary. Sign out and check to make sure you're signed in from the right account. 

  • Your Xfinity ID is either your email, mobile phone number, or username. Your username is the front part of your If your email isn't the right one, try your mobile number.

If that doesn't work, go here and unlink your old account and see if you can sign in again. This is a known issue that is being triaged. 


I tried to update my email/mobile and it said it was already associated to another account

If your identity is tied to a WiFi On Demand or old account where the email/mobile is already associated:

  1. Invite the profile that has an email/mobile you can't update
  2. Remove the email/mobile
  3. Optionally remove the profile

For Step 2, remove the email from that secondary profile 

My Account --> Users --> [profile in question with the email/mobile] --> Edit --> Contact Information / Email --> Remove




I'm having issues activating xFi after a transfer or a move

If you’ve recently transferred or moved, but you are seeing the wrong services, your accounts are linked automatically when you transfer or move, and the default should be set to your newest address. The solution is to go to go here  and select "Make Primary/default" to the latest account.


I can't pay my bill, I don't remember how to sign in, my bill is due soon

There's a quick/lite bill pay option that doesn't require you have an Xfinity ID: 


It says I'm not an authorized user when I try to sign into the xFi App

  1. Ensure you're signed in to the correct Xfinity ID (see above)
  2. Sign out and sign back in if you're linked.You will be prompted with the correct Xfinity ID. Check to see if you're linked to a prior account or another current account where you may not have xFi.
  3. Create a new post and we'll take a look at your account to triage. Just because a few people have the same symptoms may not necessarily mean it's all due to the same root cause.


I just purchased online but didn't get an email confirmation

You'll need to chat or call in to understand your order status, it's outside the scope of this subforum at purchasing issues, you can also post your issue here: 

I am an Official Comcast Employee on the Identity Product Team and the Serviceability team at HQ.
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