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Secondary user on an account I didn't choose to join

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Secondary user on an account I didn't choose to join


I will be moving into an apartment next week and have a self-install kit scheduled to be shipped to me. I wanted to check what date this was going to happen so I logged into my Xfinity account. Upon doing so, I saw that I am somehow listed as a secondary user and connected to a utility account for an apartment address an hour away from where I will be moving.

I have never seen this account, this address, and I have no connection to anyone that lives in this address or apartment complex. Is this a glitch or has someone stolen my account information?


I figured it may be some sort of place holder for the address I have not yet moved into. However it's an oddly specific address as it even lists which Apartment (by letter) it is within the apartment building. Once again, I have never been to this apartment building so I surely should not be a user on their account or responsible for any billing associated with them. (even though the xfinity support live chat system keeps asking if i'd like to pay their $75 bill).


Looking for any help as all agents seem to be too busy atm for live chat.

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Re: Secondary user on an account I didn't choose to join

Hi @noahj8924 


I've reached out in the private message to better understand the situation.




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