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Remove ancient address from my account

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Remove ancient address from my account

After moving from one state and living oversees for several years I've returned back to USA to start living in another state. Have subscribed to Xfinity and found out  that some reason my old address in another state was associated with my new account. Now, every time I login to my current account to do something (for example, to add new service or device) I have to choose between two addresses.


I've talked about this issue to Comcast Exfinity some time ago and was assured the problem would be solved. However, the problem poped up again today and I spent quite long time chatting with a company rep, who could not resolve the issue and then transferred the chat session to some kind of dedicated team rep, who in turn also could not help and transferred the chat to his supervisor, who in turn spent quite long time trying different things, failed to fix the issue, then tried to raise the issue with another department and failed to do so, because as he said "the system currently was not allowing him to rasie issues", and he recommended me to call 800 number.


Long story short, after spending another hour ona phone with a company rep today, he also was not able to de-link the old address from my account and suggested just to have it as currently is. That's unacceptible, so I am hoping now some another company rep with sufficient access privilages read this and finally help me to get rid of the old address in my current account.


It is really frustrating to be dealing with this kind of seemingly very simple issues. It just does not make sense from usability point of view forever to see my old account, which had been de-activated long time ago.

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Re: Remove ancient address from my account

Hi @alanmels.

Welcome back to the states, sorry to hear you had a poor experience on the phone. We have now enabled the ability for you to unlink accounts you do not want linked directly from the My Account website experience. 


Go here for the new experience:


If you need a guide on how to do so, here's the Help and Support article:


Hope this helps, feel free to reply if you need any further help.

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