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Remove an old address

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Remove an old address

hi, i just moved and in process upgraded my modem and service. i have since run into the issue of not being able to use xFi and what I have read is because i have 2 accounts and it cannot determine which one is active. please help so i can manage my wifi with the xFi features

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Re: Remove an old address

Hi @Jaded_86 


Sorry to hear you've been having issues. We have now enabled the ability for you to toggle and choose the "primary" account that shows up, directly from the My Account website experience. 


Go here for the new experience:


If you need a guide on how to do so, here's the Help and Support article:


Hope this helps, feel free to reply if you need any further questions or clarifications. We will be launching improved linked account support within the xFi app very soon. 

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