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Problem Setting up New Wifi - Secondary User

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Problem Setting up New Wifi - Secondary User

I had this account made for me as a child under my parents' account nearly a decade ago, and had not used it in years. In the next month, I will be moving to an apartment that requires me to establish internet service with Comcast, so I attempted to sign in to this account to begin the purchase process. When I do so, however, I am met with the message that "as a secondary user, you cannot access restricted areas of My Account". This does not make any sense to me, as I am now the only user on my account and my parents are not listed, and it is preventing me from setting up internet.


When I have attempted any kind of troubleshooting, I am met with a litany of error messages that I am not the primary user.  When I attempt to visit to look up who the primary user is, it does not work, perhaps because we no longer live at the original address the account was set up under. When I attempt to create a new account with my phone number or social security number, I am met with an error message. This is very frustating, as I would either like to get this problem addressed or be able to set up a new account so I can purchase wifi.


As of now, I am unable to do either and would appreciate guidance.

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Re: Problem Setting up New Wifi - Secondary User

Hi there @badamczyk99. What's happening is the system is thinking you're at your parent's address attempting to make a change.


To fix this, open a private browser, and go through the order buyflow, and enter your email/mobile that's tied to your Xfinity ID that was a secondary. 

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