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Nobody Seems to Know My Account Number

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Nobody Seems to Know My Account Number

It is extremely frustrating getting an email saying my bill is past due but I've been given no account information from Xfinity in order to allow me to pay my bill..


I've contacted support through chat (this chat lasted 4 days I might add) because no agents are taking phone calls due to COVID-19. This has been frustrating.


Previously, my apartment complex offered AT&T ONLY. Comcast was recently installed and is now offered by the apartment complex. I was out of the state when they had a sing-up program at the front office. Days later, an account manager came by to sign me up if I was interested.


All of the "paperwork" was done through this Account Manager's tablet. Once it was complete, I received no account number or any sort of information regarding my account. Next thing you know, an installer came out and installed everything I wanted.


I wanted to add a few channels, so I went to edit my channels and it said I'm not allowed to do that to speak with Customer Service. When I entered my address it says it doesn't exist in the system. I entered my phone number and it said nothing matches Xfinity records. I cannot get my account number until I can confirm address or phone number. I've even put my social security number in the lost account section and it says it doesn't match any records.


CAN SOMEONE PLEASE help me with this? I just want to be able to pay for my account and configure my channels for my account. This is beyond a headache.