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Managing Account is virtually impossible! Why?????

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Managing Account is virtually impossible! Why?????

Why can't customers actually manage their account online?  I've tried over and over for YEARS to make changes to my packages & subscriptions and cannot make adjustments to it online! 


The obvious answer is that Comcast doesn't wan't you to be able to do anything that leads you to give them less money.  


Whenever I click on "manage plan" the ONLY thing it EVER brings me to is "new offers" and even when I click on links to see how I might upgrade my internet, there's nothing there.  "No offers available".


I was charged $80 - JUST FOR DATA OVERAGES - on my last bill, and have experienced similar charges each month for several months now.  Where's the unlimited data I asked for months ago?  I can never get through to someone at Comcast these days when I call for support on this so they get to just keep charging me for overages?  (It is certainly more profitable for them this way...)


Comcast is a freaking monopoly to begin with and then purposely restrict users from managing their accounts online in any meaningful way.  I want to drop my current package and select a different one, I want to change my internet plan options, and I want to drop my Voice plan which I haven't used in years - this should be a fairly simple process to do online in the year 2020!  The way this is set up on their website and on the Comcast app is nothing short of criminal!


Speaking of criminal, Comcast was already called out for FAKING comments by the tens of thousands to the FCC in opposition to Net Neutrality... and it's so super obvious you are robbing Americans with these billing and account management practices.  


Worse rated company in America - is there no one at Comcast that cares about this stuff?