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I have a couple issues with the Home App. I used to have an automation rule set up to record a video clip by a selected camera whenever the motion sensor was triggered. I noticed recently, that was not happening anymore. When I went to the app, it had been changed to a different camera. There is no option to change the video clip to be taken by a different camera. Also, today I received an email : "We're writing to tell you that your Xfinity Home camera model RC-8021 is no longer compatible with your Xfinity Home service. After a recent firmware upgrade, these cameras are no longer supported by Xfinity Home, and you are no longer able to view the camera's footage on the touchscreen, in the app, or in the web portal." I had replaced that camera months ago because it had quit working. It was removed from the touchpad screen when it stopped working, but has never been removed from the app or web portal. The app and home portal try to connect, but of course can't because it doesn't exist. There doesn't seem to be an option to delete the obsolete camera from the app or home portal. It seems to me the default camera choice for recording video clips is the one that is obsolete and there is no other cameras listed to change this. Suggestions on how to get this straightened out?

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That is indeed strange - it sounds to me like the camera was never fully removed from the system.


In the Xfinity Home App, you should be able to click on the name of the camera on the Overview screen, and then the three dots in the upper-right corner to pull up the camera's settings.  If you scroll down the page, there should be a delete option - does this work?


If not, you can also try deleting again from the Touchscreen by going to the Settings icon in the upper-right, entering your Master Code and then selecting Home Devices --> Cameras --> Delete a Camera.  Select the old camera and follow the on screen prompts.


Once the camera is fully deleted, you'll want to visit the Automation section of the App and delete any old rules that may have been associated with the old camera, and then set new ones up from scratch.


I hope that helps!

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