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Flex box is unstable?

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Flex box is unstable?

Most days the first time I go to use my Flex box, I have to unplug to do a hard reset to get it to work. Is this a common issue or is my box in need of replacement?

Sometimes I turn on the power button, tv comes on and Flex is stuck on a screen saver picture with the only option to make it work again is to do a hard reset.

More often, the screen comes on, the "Lets' Get Started connect your apps" option is the default. I select that, scroll to Netflix and select it. The 3 dots come up for a moment then it goes to a black screen and only option is to hard reset to make it work again.

On occasion while watching netflix the app or box will crash and go to a black screen, and of course, only option is to hard reset.

I've seen other posts with Netflix app issues going back a lot longer than I have had my box. My Flex worked ok at first. Then started having issues which has gotten worse. Would make more sense if the issues started right from the beginning considering others have had problems.


Do I need a new box or is this the normal?

What is the point of having daily automatic updates if months go by and nothing gets fixed?