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ANSWERED: What is Seasonal Billing from Xfinity and how to set it up?



How do I see if I am eligible for seasonal billing? If I am eligible, how do I set it up?





The seasonal suspend option is available as an alternative to either disconnecting your service, or paying full price when you will be away for an extended period of time and you can enroll yourself here:



  • Savings
    • Customers can save money on: 
  • Installation charges by suspending service instead of physically disconnecting
  • Monthly rates by reducing their services to the suspension rates while away
  • Hassle-free Change
  • Customers are not required to disconnect their account
    • Customers can: 
  • Keep Comcast equipment in the home
  • Restore services without a technician visit
  • Maintain enrollment in auto-pay 


**Note**: Payments for seasonal services will still be withdrawn


The seasonal suspend is for a minimum of 90 days, and a maximum of 9 months, and you can put your account into seasonal status once every calendar year.



  • The account must be current
  • The customer may only go into seasonal suspend once every 10 months
    • The 10 months is calculated from the date seasonal suspend starts
      • Example: If the customer placed service on seasonal suspend on October 1, 2016 they would become eligible for seasonal suspend on August 1, 2017
    • The customer must be away from their service address for 90 to 270 days
    • The customer must have a bill-to address to provide
      • This will ensure they receive their monthly statement
    • The customer must be aware that all services will be put into seasonal suspend
      • This excludes XFINITY Home or services included within a bulk agreement


Customers enrolling in seasonal suspension:

  • Must return associated equipment if any services are being disconnected prior to ordering Seasonal Suspend
  • Should leave all equipment plugged in to ensure equipment works properly upon return
  • Must provide a return date
  • Will not break their contract if under a Minimum Term Agreement (MTA)



Pricing will vary by region.

Seasonal Hold.PNG


Service Upgrades/Downgrades

  • Customers cannot upgrade or downgrade service while on a seasonal suspension
  • Upgrades or downgrades must be made either before a customer enrolls in seasonal suspension or after the hold has been removed from the account

Changing Return Date

Customers can change their seasonal suspend end date online at if:

  • Their scheduled end date has not passed
  • The maximum of 270 days has not been exceeded
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