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ANSWERED: How to fix Cannot Log Into Xfinity Mobile--Primary User Issue?

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Cannot Log Into Xfinity Mobile--Primary User Issue

 I recently signed up for Xfinity Mobile after already being an Comcast TV and Internet customer. I have not been able to log into my Mobile account since even before signing up (had to sign up over the phone). I kept being told "Are you the primary user? Only primary users can accesss...." No one at Mobile could help me with this issue; they were clueless.




The issue ended up being that I had two Comcast users/accounts associated with my TV and Internet account. I've moved a couple times, so they must have created a new username when I moved. In any event, when I logged into my TV and Internet account, I went to "manage users." It only had one listed, and it was called "Unrestricted Secondary." No primary was listed. So, I must have been paying/viewing my bills as a secondary user all these years. I called the COMCAST REP--not the Mobile rep--and asked them to update my account to make sure the right user was the primary user. This took them 5 seconds, and I was instantly able to log into my Mobile account.

So, if you receive a "primary user" error when logging into Mobile, contact the Comcast reps here by replying to that thread and ask to confirm the proper primary user is listed. 

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