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Print/Save Bill PDF does not work

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Print/Save Bill PDF does not work

When I click "Print/Save Statement (PDF)" it downloads zero length file.


Where are we supposed to report bugs with Xfinity Website, is this the right place?

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Re: Print/Save Bill PDF does not work

This sometimes happens to me when I follow the "View Bill Details" link and click "Print/Save Statement (PDF)". When it does, I go to the "View Bill History" link on the main Billing page, and click the "View PDF" link for the current bill on That usually works, but sometimes I just have to wait a day or two until Billing gets its act together.

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Re: Print/Save Bill PDF does not work

I can verify I see the same. I get a " Download error" in chrome

Chrome on Android. I've cleared cache,I tried a different Android device, and it's broken in Firefox too, the later of which says the PDF is an invalid format and cannot be displayed. 0 bytes would do that.


If I go to the historical list of Bills tho, at "view previous statements", downloaded PDFs work ok. This is the third current issue I'm experiencing on the website that appears to be broken server side. 


This may be the only place to report issues with this buggy website. I've attempted to use a combination of phone support, chat support, Twitter support and executive customer support to help fix this one as well as two others, all to no avail. I just learned there's a subreddit. I haven't tried that, because honestly, I'm tired of trying to get customer support people to step up and help get this website fixed. It's time to just put it all up here in the open as defects.