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Cant shop for offers or add devices

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Cant shop for offers or add devices


For years now I have been unable to manage and upgrade my account online.

I had previously received error pages that said I had to call Xfinity for help with my account.

Recently, I upgraded my service by speaking with an agent on the phone, and since then I still cant view offers or add any devices.

Now I receive an error that just says "Looks like Netlix is part of your plan. To make any changes, just call 1-800-XFINITY." The title of the page in the tab says "Sorry", with URL of

I was looking to get the Flex device and there is no way to add it to my account, and I just get that page.


This happens on all devices, all browsers and in incognito mode.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Cant shop for offers or add devices

You're not alone!  Despite being under a 24-month "agreement" which I entered to try to stabilize my Comcast bill, "fees" keep going up and I was interested in shopping for options, if not now, when my "agreement" term is up in a few months.  Whenever I try to check out offers and options to explore what things like broadband-only, or ore economical channel lineups, I get the dreaded DFPLN3001.  It's been like this ever since I took Comcast up on the "Netflix included" option when I entered into my current "agreement".  I'm not optimistic for a fix given this problem has been floating around in the forums for a long time, but hope springs eternal!