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ANSWERED: How to Self Install and Activate Your Internet Equipment

This article guides you through the steps to self-install and activate your Internet equipment. It covers both Xfinity Gateways and third-party modems or routers.

If you are replacing a device already installed in your home, be sure to disconnect that device before continuing.

Ways to Activate Your Internet Equipment

All Self-Install Kits include installation and activation information. You can find this in your Xfinity folder.
  • Activate Your Equipment Using the xFi App
  • Activate Your Equipment Online
  • Activating a Different Gateway or Third-Party Modem/Router


Activate Your Equipment Using an App

Before you start: Download the Xfinity xFi app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

  1. Launch the Xfinity xFi app and sign in using your Xfinity username and password. (You must be the primary or an unrestricted secondary user to access.)
  2. Select Get Started to begin the process of setting up your Gateway. The entire process should not take longer than 20 minutes.
  3. Select Use Camera to scan the QR code on the side or back of the device. The QR code should contain all of the information needed to begin activation. You may also be prompted to grant the Xfinity xFi app permission to access your smartphone's camera.
    A.01-Scan Prompt-XB6.png
    • Note: If your device does not have a QR code to scan, you will need to enter the 12-digit CM MAC number found on the side or back of the Gateway. Select Enter Code Manually and follow the on-screen prompts. You may also be prompted to enter the CM MAC number even if your device has a QR code if we need additional information.
    • Your smartphone's camera will open within the Xfinity xFi app. Find the QR code and focus the camera on it. Once the QR code has been successfully scanned, you will see a green check mark.
    • Note: Keep your smartphone as steady as possible. If the camera has trouble focusing on the QR code, try slowly moving your smartphone away from and towards the QR code.

    The app will then take you through the necessary steps to set up your Gateway (modem/router) and activate your Xfinity Internet/Xfinity Voice service. For the best WiFi coverage, set up the device in the most centrally located place in your home where there is also a cable outlet.

    Also, avoid placing the device in your basement or attic as this can interfere with your WiFi signal. Keep it out of cabinets or closets, and make sure it is off of the floor. Select Next to proceed through these tips.
  4. Once you've found the best spot for your Gateway, follow the instructions to connect the coaxial cable and power cord.

    The lights on the front of your Gateway will flash and blink as the device prepares for activation. Select Ready to Go! to continue.
    A.05.03-Plugging in-A.png   A.05.04-Plugging in-B.png
  5. Now that your Gateway is connected, it's time to personalize your home WiFi network name and password. Enter a WiFi name and password that is easy to remember and secure. Select Next.
  6. Confirm the WiFi name and password you entered are correct. If you need to make changes, simply select the back arrow in the top left-hand corner of the screen. If you are also activating Xfinity Voice, you will see your phone number on this screen. Select Confirm and Finish Up.

    **Note: For customers swapping an existing xFi Gateway with a new one, you may be presented with the WiFi name and password associated with your previous device. You can choose to keep them the same, or create a new WiFi name and password. If you change the name/password, you'll need to reconnect all your devices using the new information.

    Your home network setup will now begin. This can take up to 10 minutes to complete. You will also be prompted to enable push notifications to be alerted when activation is complete.

    Once your Gateway is activated and your WiFi is ready to go, you'll be presented with instructions on how to connect to your new WiFi network. Two shortcuts are provided to make this process even easier. Simply copy your WiFi password to your clipboard by selecting Copy and then Go to Settings. From there, go to the WiFi settings on your device, wait for your new WiFi name to show in the list of available networks, join the network and then paste your password to connect.

    Remember, you'll need to connect all of your WiFi-enabled devices using the WiFi name and password you created.

    Select Continue to XFINITY xFi to access home network personalization and control features, for example the ability to see who's most active on your network, troubleshoot any connection issues, and block inappropriate content and network threats.



Activate Your Equipment Online

If you’re activating Xfinity Internet, Voice or any TV services other than X1, you can easily activate your equipment online.

  1. Connect your Internet, Voice and/or TV equipment and turn it on.
  2. Go online to for easy step-by-step activation instructions.

For additional information, see Self-Install Kit Installation Videos and Guides or visit





Activating a Different Gateway or Third-Party Modem/Router

Are you a new customer or moving to a new address? Be sure to place your order for Internet service prior to attempting to activate your modem. Visit for the latest information on the services and speeds in your area.

Confirm Eligibility with Xfinity Before You Purchase


Before you purchase a new modem, be sure to confirm it is approved for use on Comcast's network and can achieve the speeds in your package. Visit our list of eligible equipment at

To activate an Xfinity Gateway or third-party modem/router that is approved for Xfinity service, follow the steps below.

Note: These steps apply to both Xfinity equipment and approved third-party equipment. We recommend that you also consult your manufacturer’s installation guide for instructions.
  1. Place Your Gateway or Modem
    • Find the cable outlet most centrally located in your home.
    • Place your Gateway or modem off of the floor and in an open area away from exterior walls, metal surfaces, microwaves and windows. Avoid cramped spaces and anything that can block the device signal.
  2. Connect Your Gateway
    • Plug the power cord in to the back of your Gateway and then into an electrical outlet.
    • Screw one end of the coaxial cable into the Cable In/RF In port on your Gateway or modem and the other end into the cable wall outlet. Make sure this connection is finger tight.
    • If you subscribe to Xfinity Voice service, connect your telephone to the Tel 1connection on your Gateway or modem using a telephone cord.
  3. Wait for Your Gateway or Modem to be Ready
    Your Gateway or modem may take up to 10 minutes to be ready to activate. Make sure the lights appear as described below before moving on to the next step. Do not unplug your Gateway or modem during this process.
    • If you have an Xfinity Gateway with multiple lights on the front, the Power, US/DS, and Online lights should remain solid for at least one minute and the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz lights should start blinking.
    • If you have an Xfinity Gateway with only one light on the top, it should remain solid white for at least a minute.
    • If you have a third-party model, see the manufacturer instructions to determine when your modem is ready to be activated.
  4. Establish a Temporary Internet Connection
    Next, you need to establish Internet connectivity either through WiFi or an Ethernet cable.
    • Connect through WiFi (if your Gateway/modem supports a wireless connection)
      • Look for the Network Name (SSID) and Password printed on the side, back or bottom of your Gateway or modem. The name may look like Home-XXXX or XFSETUP-XXXX.
      • Go to the WiFi settings on your WiFi-enabled device and select the Network Name from the list of available networks. Enter the password when prompted. If you're prompted to enter a PIN instead of a password, click the Connect Using a Security Key link to enter the password in the Security Key field.
    • Connect through an Ethernet cable
      • Plug the Ethernet cable into one of the open ports on your Gateway or modem until it clicks. Plug the other end into the Ethernet port of your computer. The Ethernet port will light up when successfully connected.
  5. Activate Your Gateway or Modem
    Once you've established a temporary Internet connection, if you're not automatically presented with a welcome message to begin setup, open a web browser and go to Follow the on-screen prompts to verify your Xfinity account and complete the activation process.
    Note: When you've finished activation, your Gateway or modem may reboot, and it may take up to 10 minutes before you can connect to your home network.
  6. Connect to Your Home Network
    After activation, you’ll need to connect your devices to your WiFi name and password for your home network, if your Gateway or modem supports a wireless connection. If you replaced your Xfinity Gateway and kept the same settings during activation, your previously connected devices should automatically reconnect.
    • Go to the WiFi settings on your WiFi-enabled devices. Once you see your WiFi name appear in a list of available networks, you can connect your devices to your home network.
    • Select your home network WiFi name and connect with the password. If you changed this during activation, be sure to use the new one that you set up.
      **Note: Xfinity Gateways come with a built-in Xfinity WiFi home hotspot (xfinitywifi) that may take up to 24 hours to broadcast. To learn about the hotspot, see questions about the Xfinity WiFi Home Hotspot.



Need More Help with Your Activation/Self-Installation?

For help in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese or Tagalog, please call 1-855-955-2212.

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