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ANSWERED: How To: Create New Comcast Email Address

If you want to give other members of your household access to your XFINITY account, you can create a distinct username for each of them online.

Additional XFINITY Usernames

You can add up to six additional XFINITY usernames to your account.

To create a new XFINITY username:
  1. Sign in to My Account as the primary user.
  2. Click the Users tab at the top of the page.
    The My Account home page, with Users selected.
  3. Underneath the current user portals, select the option to Add a New User.
    The Users page, listing users.
  4. Fill out the Add a New User form with the new user's information.
    The Add a New User form.
  5. On the same page, indicate if the new user is under 12 years old. If so, you must agree to the COPPA Terms of Service. (Note: Learn more about The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.)
    A page asking whether the user is under 12 years old, with two options beneath it.
  6. Review the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy by clicking on the links provided. If you agree, check the I have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy box.
    A statement on whether you hae read and agree to terms of service, with a check box beside it.
  7. Click Add user.
Note: When you create a new user, the user won't have any Permissions to access or modify account settings and can only utilize some account features, like watching XFINITY TV online and using email (if you have XFINITY TV and Internet). Learn how to set secondary XFINITY username permissions
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