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ANSWERED: Xfinity Home Launches New Touchscreen Controller User Interface

Effective January 9th 2016, XFINITY Home will deploy a new user interface in all regions to the following devices:

  • Existing TCA203 Touchscreen Controllers over the course of the next two months
  • All newly-installed TCA203 and XH1-TC Touchscreen Controllers

The new user interface has a number of key features, including:

  • A single app experience (no launch required to view or interact with devices)
  • Improved alert and trouble help messaging
  • More intuitive arming error messaging
  • Improved screensaver experience
  • Integrated weather experience (instead of a separate weather app)
  • Guided walkthrough
  • Persistent unresolved trouble list

There are a number of other changes from the old Touchscreen Controller user interface, including:

  • Some apps have been removed, including Sports, Help, Sudoku, Weather, Clock, Word of the Day, News and Calculator.
  • Fire Panic and Medical Panic have both been removed, but Police Panic remains.
  • In case of fire or medical emergency, it is better to dial 911 directly, as they can Geolocate, respond real-time and assist with active events.


For additional information about this change see here:

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