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ANSWERED: What is Xfinity Home - Secure?


XFINITY Home - Secure gives you peace of mind with a total home security and automation solution. Look after your home, family and valuables from anywhere using your computer, tablet or smartphone. Get 24/7 professional monitoring on a secure network, and remotely control your home from one easy-to-use website or mobile app.

Visit the XFINITY Home website or call 1-888-223-5723 to learn more.

Learn More About XFINITY Home - Secure

What You'll Get

XFINITY Home - Secure includes the following equipment to give you instant access to the next generation of home security:
  • Touchscreen Controller (1)
  • Door and Window Sensors (3)
  • Wireless Keypad (1)
  • Motion Detector (1)
XFINITY Home - Secure connects to a certified Central Monitoring Station through a broadband connection with cellular backup (at no additional cost) to ensure that when power is lost, you and your family are still safe.

Customized rules let you automate your XFINITY Home - Secure system, saving you time and effort. Get real-time text and email alerts when a door or window opens and/or when someone forgets to close one. Automatically arm your system before you go to bed or when you leave for work. Want to know who's entering your house? Add a Camera to your system and use a rule to take a picture or video when a door opens. Don't come home to a dark house - add Lighting Controllers and set a rule to turn on your lights before you get home. All this and more is possible by setting rules for your system.

XFINITY Home - Secure can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Forgot to arm your system? Want to turn it off when you pull into the driveway? No problem - you can do that and much more from anywhere, using the XFINITY Home app for mobile devices or the XFINITY Home Subscriber Portal.

Additional features and equipment expand your ability to automate your home.
  • Live Video Monitoring: Monitor your home in real time from your smartphone, tablet or computer and take pictures and video clips that you can download and save. Requires purchase of an XFINITY Home Camera.
  • 24/7 Video Recording: Monitor your home in real time from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Scan through 10 days of recorded video and quickly find video clips automatically bookmarked when your Cameras detected motion. Requires purchase of XFINITY Home Camera(s) and costs $9.95 per month per Camera.
  • Additional Devices: Add devices to the base XFINITY Home - Secure package to unlock additional features and expand your system's capabilities. Cameras, Thermostats, Lighting and Outlet Controllers, Light Bulbs and Switches, Door Locks, Water Detectors and Keychain Remotes can all be added to your XFINITY Home - Secure system for even more protection and automation possibilities.
Learn more by visiting the XFINITY Home website.

What You'll Need During Installation

  • High-speed Internet service. We recommend a minimum broadband speed of 750 Kbps upload/download.
  • A computer with Internet access and a web browser.
  • The username and password for your primary XFINITY account.
  • The names and phone numbers of the individuals who should be contacted in case of an emergency.
  • A qualified Authorized Signer must be present. This doesn't need to be the account holder. The Authorized Signer will decide the location and type of equipment installed, and may execute the contract.

Limited Warranty

A limited warranty is included with XFINITY Home - Secure. This limited warranty covers XFINITY-branded security, monitoring, automation or control devices and equipment that were purchased from or provided by Comcast or that were owned by you that are certified by an XFINITY Home technician and integrated into the XFINITY Home system. For full terms, conditions and restrictions, see the XFINITY Home Warranty Plan.

The following are covered by this limited warranty:
  • XFINITY Home devices purchased from Comcast or a Comcast-authorized retailer that have been integrated into your XFINITY Home system.
  • Certain security devices that were part of a previous security system that have been certified by an XFINITY Home technician and integrated into the XFINITY Home system.

The following devices are not covered by the limited warranty:
  • Works with XFINITY Home devices
  • Batteries
  • Previously-owned devices that an XFINITY Home technician determines are not compatible with the XFINITY Home system.
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