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rotary phone

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rotary phone

I have recently purchased an 1950 rotary phone. I have hooked it up to a wall jack connect the green and yellow wires together and the red wire to where it is suppose to go. I get a dial tone but my phone will not ring and i am not able to dial out on it. Is there anything i can do to get it to work or must i swithch phone compaines. I have spoken with a customer agent from Comcast and they have informed me that they no longer support rotary phones. I thought it was the law that you had to be able to atleast dial 911 from any phone. Was wondering if there was a different modem that i could purchase and still keep Comcast. I have been with Comcast since 1985 and really do not want to swithch companies. Any suggestions????? Thank you. Brian0746

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Re: rotary phone

Comcast doesn’t support pulse dialing (what rotary phones use) but tone dialing.
Some of had success with this in the past. Good luck

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