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no dial tone since 8/12/2020

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no dial tone since 8/12/2020

I have called Comcast every day since 8/12/2020 to report no dial tone on my landline. Each employee follows the same procedure : verify account, the problem,reset the modem, and still no dial tone after each sequence day after day. They need to find out which employee conducted the maintenance on my telephone landline and have them correct their blunder. They are still charging me for no telephone service and do not give an explanation as to what happened .

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Re: no dial tone since 8/12/2020

I have same problem since early August and multiple modem resets performed without success. I cannot get Comcast technical support to call despite that the recorded voice says modem has problems?  Internet works fine just not the phone. This is beyond frustrating...maybe just need to cancel the phone service.