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Want to connect a dedicated modem for Xfinity voice service

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Want to connect a dedicated modem for Xfinity voice service

I have triple play but have never used the voice service assigned to my account. I'm using a nice, fast modem hooked up to my router but it has no Voice service cpability. Purchased a used Xfinity telephony modem on-line. Arris TM822. It has a slower max speed for internet than my current modem. So I want to use it for phone only in another room. First tried on-line chat to find out how and if I could do this. Agent had no idea of what I was asking.

A call back from support followed, which was a nice surprise, but I wasn't available to take the call.  Message left told me that I in fact can have a second modem on my line.  And that if I call them back they would walk me through all the necessary steps for set up. There was no number to call and I've checked a couple time but cannot seem to get a call back appointment.

So can anybody tell me if I just hook up the second modem somewhere in-line with the splitter that came with the modem? And then, what must I do I do to program the Xfinity modem for it to find my assigned phone # and activate the dedicated phone modem. If not, my next stop is the Xfinity store.  If I can get this combo working I'll port my landline number and save a ton monthly. Thanks in advance for an answer.