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The worst company ever!

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The worst company ever!

Once again, Comcast has messes us and this time it could have dire consequences! They accidentally turned off my account earlier this week because they were too lazy to check and see if I had a payment arrangements and I did! Paid the past due on Wednesday. Everything came back on but the internet and phone. It completely removed my modem from my account. I have been trying to get it fixed since that day. My uncle’s heart monitor and defibrillator is connected through internet and phone. They can’t come out until Sunday to fix it. That means if he has a rhythm that needs to be shocked it won’t be, which could lead to his death. I promise you that if that happens I will sue for everything you have. They wouldn’t let me talk to a supervisor, and they put me on standby. Then because I used to work there the agent got really condescending telling me I know the process. What I know is that if my uncle dies I will sue and I will do everything in my power to get Comcast out of this apartment complex! I will be flooding social media with this too. You are endangering the life of an 80 year old man. That won’t go over well
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Re: The worst company ever!

Greeting, vtoria2003! We appreciate you reaching out to us. We certainly apologize to hear of the experience that you have been having with your services getting turned off. We would like to make sure things are going smoother for you and would like to follow up after the tech visit. Can you please send us a PM with your first and last name so we may further assist you?


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