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Possible scam calls

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Possible scam calls

for the past two days the phone rings and says it is us calling, shwoing our name and phone #. on our phone. the secon time I answered it and a recording said this is microsoft and that their is suspicious activity from two countries on this line. they instructed us to press 1. Fortunately I'm not stupid to fall for that and hung up.  We get these calls three or 4 times a day. How can our name and phone # show up on our phone as the person calling.  I've talk to several people and it has happen to them also   Irene/Ron Groleau

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Re: Possible scam calls

Scammers can fake their caller ID info, and using the number they're calling seems to be a popular trick. For more information see any of the many article links at, for example


Comcast won't let you block your own number, so there's nothing you can do about this without resorting to 3rd party hardware.