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Porting landline to Xfinity voice

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Porting landline to Xfinity voice

Just signed up today for triple play but my new account shows that I only have TV and internet.
Voice does show on my agreement but nowhere else.

Instructions on the website say this: Government regulations require us to obtain your oral or written consent to port your phone number. You will be directed to complete this verification after your order is placed.
But this never happened I was not directed to complete anything.
I have already purchased my own modem choosing from the recommended list. And the install will be next Tuesday but I wanted to make sure the porting process was happening now. I'm fine if my landline service disconnects before it ports in to Xfinity.
I will be porting in from Verizon landline and when I place my order it approved the number.
I also have DSL attached to that number and am thinking maybe I should go ahead and just cancel that now but not the phone.
Any help comments or suggestions appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: Porting landline to Xfinity voice

I am interested in the response that you get. I have a landline through CenturyLink and wish to port my telephone number over to Xfinity as well.


I have existing phone through Xfinity so need to figure out how to do this after installation/setup.