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Porting from Verizon

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Porting from Verizon

So due to changes Verizon made with our business phone services/equipment we were not happy and started shopping for a new business phone service. I called xfinity and they said they could do it, but we needed a modem with RJ11 phone ports. Long story short, we spent ~ $700 in new equipment (modem, router, and a land based phone system). Xfinity established our new phone service and said it would take ~ 5 days to port our phone numbers from Verizon. 


Today was the 10th business day and phone numbers were still not ported, so I called customer service. There was confusion as to who I should talk to but finally I was able to speak with a person who told me that my phone numbers cannot be ported. She tried to explain using the analogy it was like trying to put your kids in a different school district than where you live???


Regardless of the reason, I'm now out $700 in equipment I can't use and stuck with the Verizon phone system that isn't meeting our needs.


I wasn't convinced the xfinity representative I spoke to knew what she was talking about and wanted to ask this community. Does this make any sense? If so, is there any way to port my business phone numbers away from Verizon and into xfinity's system? I have called Verizon and my numbers be released. Verizon has confirmed they are ready for xfinity to take them.



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Re: Porting from Verizon

First, this is a residential forum if you are trying to sign up through business services and not residential try here

Was it rate centers they referred to? If Verizon’s number is outside of the rate center, it can’t be ported and there’s no exceptions. Rate Centers have to do with 911 services

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