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Phone won't reactivate with replacement Xfinity modem

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Phone won't reactivate with replacement Xfinity modem

Yesterday I had my new modem activated.  It is the same type of modem I previously had.  However, upon activation, I notice the phone did not re-activate.  Despite about ten attempts to get through to a tech support rep to re-activate it, no one was able to help.  Furthermore, different tech support reps said different things.  One said it automatically activates in around 48 hours, while another said I have to call Comcast to have it activated.


Does anyone know how to get a phone reactivated?


Modem details:
New modem: TG02DCW3482P2CT
Old modem: TG02DCW3482P2CT
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Re: Phone won't reactivate with replacement Xfinity modem

From that I can see, you are activating a combo cable modem w/ voice capability.

I'm assuming this modem is used for both your internet service and phone service.


Comcast is supposed to activate this for you.

If you are able to access the internet but not the phone, then it may be a configuration issue on their end.


I would advise you to confirm that your phone is working first.

Then connect to the status page of the modem and check the logs for any errors.


I am currently trying to activate a modem for voice and Comcast is pointing to a problem on the modem side, when the logs show an issue on their end failing to configure it.